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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bizarroworld. (Saw the company rep.)

I went to the neurosurgeon's office yesterday for the appointment, mostly to meet with the representative from the company that makes the implant.

Right now I do not feel like writing much about it and, truth to tell, there is not much to say, at least for now. It is also hard to wrote about because it requires a lot of explanation for many of the steps that were taken.

It appears that something is wrong with the unit but the information that the main computer is giving does not make sense.

It looks like my company rep will have to contact an engineer at the company to see if they can explain what right now is making no sense. (On the one hand I am having the errant sensations from the implant but on the other hand the main computer is indicating that there is a break in a wire somewhere which means I should not be feeling any stimulation at all.).

It is a bizarreness that has to wait for the end of this chapter to be written.


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