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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Time out-ish

I have tried to write at least every 2 -3 days but I am finding I have been using the computer less since the trouble with the implant.

I hope to get some posts out and hope you will bear with me.

Unfortunately I cannot get an appointment to see the neurosurgeon until the middle of next month.

As with many of you with other pain disorders some days I am able to do more or get more done of what I meant to get done, before other things get in the way. My intention is to get to posting before I take up the eye time available to me with other 'stuff' on the internet.

I love to google and am a fiend for the political stories and news. I am going to work at not taking up all my eye time with them so that I have time to post here.

While I am slowing down please don't give up on me or the blog. I'm still here and checking to see if you are. ((*_*))


  1. Still here, Carol! I'll bear with you if you will bear with me. I'm also going to be writing (anonymously) for a site called starting on the 26th. I hope you'll head over there - it's all about the bad parts of marriage and kids! I'm doing it anonymously so I can complain about my husband cause he isn't interested in reading (so far!)

    Gentle hugs,

  2. Hi Carol

    One of our followers made us aware of your glad you are voicing your experiences with chronic pain. We will continue to follow you :) but don't push yourself too hard.

    Pain Concern

  3. Hi Chelle, Good to hear from you. That sounds interesting, and maybe fun too to be able to write it all out. Once youre there feel free to put it out at ther WIPA site, bet lots of folk there would like to read it, and chime in too.

  4. Hi Pain Concern, Thank them for me ((*_*)). I am glad you are here and thanks for the kind words.