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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Things I never think about that make me go Wow(!).

I was driving on the turnpike the other day. Not much going on, my mind looking for things to notice or think about. I was in the left lane, folks behind me, so it was time to get back into the right lane. I turned on my signal, moved the steering wheel slightly and the car just glided over into the right lane.

What a cool thing is that?, I thought. I barely have to maneuver the car for it to do that. I never thought of how easy it is to manage my car. And how manageable and agreeable it is to being maneuvered.

That started me thinking about other things that I rarely if ever think about, or maybe even notice.

How cool is it that someone speaks to you and immediately your brain translates the words into understanding? And how cool that my reply comes instantaneously?

How cool is it that a nose, a mouth and 2 eyes can be the same and just different enough that almost none of us look exactly like anyone else. How cool is it that each of us have faces so individualized and recognizable?

How cool is that that I can write an email and someone halfway across the world can read what I write in just a few seconds' time?

How cool is it that someone who plays a musical instrument can translate the musical signs and notes, send them down to their fingers, and play an instrument? Or for a singer, can translate and without active thought instruct the voicebox to make the different notes?

How cool is it that pets can understand their names and become members of the family even though they are 'just' animals?

How cool is it that one day we can be sick as a dog from some little tiny germ and then within a few days feel as though we had never been sick?

How cool is it that there are all kinds of life that are so tiny we cannot see them but they still have ways of letting us know they are there?

Funny. It was the car that gave me the one thought but each additional one led me into the path of another. And how cool is that?

These are just the ones I can think of at the moment. What makes you go, wow, isn't that amazing?

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