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Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger has had some problems this morning

To my readers, Blogger had some sort of problem where the last posts written since Wednesday a.m.have been removed from, evidently, all their blogs. I apologize that the last one about sad and S.A.D. is not here but hope it will be returned sometime today.


  1. Jackie writes:

    I actually read the missing piece yesterday afternoon before Blogger went down -- you talked about getting ready for choir practice.

    So I went to send a reply, had problems -- and automatically thought they were coming from my end!

    Now I can't remember what was in the reply I planned to send -- probably "hope you hit the high notes at choir practice" or some such.

  2. lol, I did and most were right on target. (:
    I wrote google blogger help about this. I would have thght since repeatedly removed from the spam folder it would get the idea but so far it hasn't ):