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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Pained Life: Teaching the Reality of Pain — Pain News Network

A Pained Life: Teaching the Reality of Pain — Pain News Network


  1. When TN pain hits on a regular basis, medication isn't working anymore, suicide becomes a real thought wave that occupies your brain. Nothing feels as important as being at peace, but the knowledge that you could take your own life fills your heart with sadness, so you live with a heavy heart. The "worry" you also feel about being a burden, the recognition that TN medication reduces who you really are, and the fear of smiling, talking, eating, becomes a prison you now live in. You want to be your bright bubbly self, but you are consumed with dread, fear, and suicidal thoughts. And then TN releases you for a period of time, whether its hours, days, or weeks, like a cat playing with a mouse. It is a form of torture, not just a physical torture, but a mental torture.

    1. I have BILATERAL trigeminal neuralgia but would NEVER think of "a PERMANENT Solution to a TEMPORARY Problem" as an answer. PLEASE try cannabis and psychedelic mushrooms when at your WORST! For more information please drop by

      I have been speaking here in Canada about how cannabis and hemp help this VIOLENT pain like NOTHING else will! I have been sharing this same message all across Canada and around the World, for over for over two decades my sweet friend and am SO happy people are speaking about this AND FINDING RELIEF as NEVER before!

      Also known as "tic douloureux". (Or - as I call mine b/c it MOVES all the time and I have battled MS since childhood - "Skip to my Loo"... :D Hehehe...)

      I have this VIOLENT pain SOMEwhere on BOTH sides of my face and head 24 hours a day seven days a week and have for almost three decades. In my case, it is associated with chronic progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS) ...

      Sadly, this excruciating pain is also in my family.

      My great grandfather Peter McPherson had this terrible pain too, over 100 years ago.

      Medical Professionals treated him THEN with HOT injections of Liquid Gold in his face.

      NO thank you!

      #LegalizeALLDrugs #CannabisHeals


      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this...


      Alison Myrden
      Federal Medical Cannabis Exemptee in Canada since 1994
      Retired Law Enforcement Officer
      Joint Host
      The PACE Radio Show on Lifestyle Radio
      Speaker for LPP
      Lawmen Protecting Patients
      Canadian Patient Representative for the IACM
      International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines
      Bonn, Germany
      Alison Myrden is part of the marijuana majority. Are you?
      NDP Candidate for Oakville, Ontario 2004
      New Democratic Party of Canada

  2. I may not have TN but nerve pain following 2 lower back surgeries is no fun either. There are real similarities here

  3. I have had TN since I was twenty-two, though it sat dormant after the first attack for nine years. Since 2008 I have a "relapse" of TN that lasts for as long as two months, only to dissipate to daily spasms three or four times during the time I am awake. I have been on all anti-seizure Meds, Topomax being the most effective and helpful w/my migraines. I recently learned I have chiari malformation; b/c of my age and gender (F) I have been screened for MS multiple times. I have chronic back/neck pain, and currently two herniated discs. They want to fix my neck first but my current neurosurgeon is the first to recognize a mass (nothing worrisome, more of a cluster of something) pressing on my trigeminal nerve. I feel emotional relief even as I sit here wondering who will give me something to stop the pain. I hold my fingers around the "thing" pulsating in my cheek, whichever side is attacked that time, and stave off crying as long as possible. No one quite understands, unless they've been there. I wish it on no one. I am a professional counselor; the addicts I treat have made it near impossible to be treated for pain, legally, ethically, or otherwise. I have great empathy for them, even as I long for relief. I work three jobs, have two boys and a husband I adore, and so much left to do in this world. I do not have time for the pain, and try to push thru it. Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today, and every day, but there is no balance related to how unseen, misunderstood pain realities are treated/approached.

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