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Monday, October 1, 2012


I was in the shower this morning, washing my face.  Suddenly, a bubble appeared; round, pretty glints of green and blue emanating from it.  It was so unexpected, so much fun, I laughed outloud.  The feeling of joy stayed with me for a few minutes.  I keep the memory of that bubble with me.  I bring it out when I start to feel low.

It is these joy filled moments that help us through the not so much fun day, hours, minutes.  You do not have to be in pain to know the importance of having a 'security blanket",  something that helps recapture that fleeting moment; a memento, a sensation, even a smell or taste.

When we were little, most of us had a blankie, or something else that we kept with us to hold onto in those moments when a stranger approached or we entered an unknown place or situation, when we felt unsettled or arfraid, when we just needed the feeling of a known comfort.

Why not have a blankie now?

It may sound silly but it is easy to do and no one else need know you even have it.

Think about it - what is your secret 'this is what makes me feel good' thing': a blanket, the feel of silk or a down comforter?  Maybe it is a stuffed animal or a toy.  Is it the smell of coffee, a certain spice,  the scent of an orange or even a baby?    

You can make a list and keep that with you, the words, the feel of the paper, evoking the memory.  I remember a certain song or show I have seen.  On occasion that is enough to make me feel better.  Sometimes more is necessary. 

It is not hard to do it.

Find yourself a small piece of the material, cut up an old shirt or a tiny snippet of a blanket. If that is not comfortable for you or doable find a store that sells fabrics.  You can buy just a a foot, if they are nice they might let you buy just a few inches (if they're really nice maybe they will even give it to you.).   Many dollar stores, thrift shops, toy stores sell tiny stuffed animals, small enough to fit in a back pocket or a purse.  Take a small plastic bag and fill it with a teaspoon of coffee, chocolate, cinnamon, whatever you like. You can put in baby powder or orange zest.  You  get the idea.  Anything that you can feel, or open and get a whiff,  smelling it directly or discreetly putting it on your finger and smelling the tip.

I am sure some of your lists are a lot longer or different.  Whatever it is for you, the feel, the smell, the sometimes just knowing it is there, is enough to give you the feeling of comfort.

It is funny.  Many of us suggest to others or have had suggested to us that we keep a journal, write a diary, keep a list of the pain trigger; when it happens, when is it worse, when is it better.and so on.

Often forgotten is the need to write or have a list of what makes us feel good, when it happens, what triggered it, how can we replicate it.

Maybe this has given you some ideas for your own "this makes me feel good" moments.   Please add  your own.  And pass it on.

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