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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dr. Jannetta still rules or I was suspended from a support site, apparently because of my book.

To put a period on the posts about the lawsuit I was going to write on the lifelong effects as a result of the lawsuit and the malpractice.

Funny thing is - today I found out that once more the book has apparently gotten me in trouble.

An article in Wiki on atypical trigeminal neuralgia was written a by a moderator (I believe that is his position, I cannot get into site to verify it) of the group Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) - Online Support Group

I was given neither notice nor explanation. My last comment on the atypical trigeminal thread suggested that my book be linken in the article external link section since it is the only one ever written on living with and fighting against trigeminal neuralgia.

I had added it myself and it was removed by Wiki, I think because they decided it was self - promotion, despite it's relation to the subject. That was fine; however someone else then linked it only to find that the link had again been removed. This was after I had mentioned to the article's author that I thought the book would be a good adjunct to the article.

Did he remove the link? I think he is able to do that but I have no way to know. Did he have me removed from the group? This suspicion has a better grounding for that possibility.

How far will people go to protect Peter Jannetta from something that is not even written in the book?

The question arises, with his background, surgery named after him, sec't of health for Pa. etc, why does he need to be wrapped in cotton and the bad truths about him wiped away by suspending people and banning a book?

The pen is mightier than the sword. He killed my life and my looks with his sword. I did not think, in fact I know, my pen is not equally powerful.

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